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Making whey protein, protein blends and micellar casein protein powders that proclaim to be the best in the world might sound like an overused expression touted by an over hyped brand, this is not the case with Reflex Nutrition and we want to explain to you why we probably are the best in the business, by a significant margin.

History of Whey Protein

As you may or may not know whey protein is traditionally sourced as a by-product of cheese production. The great thing about whey protein is the simple fact that it is the most bioavailable form of protein known to mankind, even higher than egg, being exceptionally high in essential amino acids and branch chain amino acids, which are arguably the most important in sports nutrition.

Biological Value (BV), a measure of how well your body uses a protein source

  • Whey Protein 104
  • Egg Protein 100
  • Milk Protein 90

Whey protein tastes good and has therefore become the most popular and widely supplemented form of protein in the world. We started Reflex Nutrition in 1996 and were the first company in Europe and one of the first in the world to manufacture whey protein powders with instant mixing whey protein isolate. Today the market for the consumer has become a minefield with literally hundreds of brands all saying the same thing about their whey protein with many not meeting claims for proteins and some that don’t even contain much more than 10% protein, as illustrated recently by the BBC in a documentary that revealed the shocking number of products failing protein claims. Perhaps more worryingly for the consumer from our perspective is what is actually going in these products?

Trusted Quality, another World First, this time Complete Transparency

Reflex Nutrition have earned a very good reputation for delivering imperious quality within protein powders for the last 20 years and that quality has attracted use of Reflex products by Olympic athletes in every single Olympic Games since 1996. That type of trust comes as a direct result of our firm commitment to quality being the first ever sports nutrition company in the world to be awarded ISO9001 Quality Control Accreditation and now being awarded Informed-Sport Certification for our Reflex Science Park.

Our Managing Director couldn’t have put it better;

“We are simply not interested in Reflex Nutrition products being second best or cheap, we do everything in our power to ensure we’re delivering the best of the best day in, day out, it’s that simple.”

Made in one of the most advanced sports nutrition factories in the World

All Reflex Nutrition products are made at our state of art facility at the Reflex Science Park in Woodingdean in the U.K. This is one of a handful of facilities that is not only registered for ISO9001 quality controls but also registered as a drug tested Informed-Sport Registered site. These two standards require numerous quality control audits every year, it’s a serious commitment. Reflex is where it all happens; it is the one place in the world where you will find the best of the best not only in terms of machinery but more importantly the quality and sheer breadth of nutraceutical ingredients. Compromise simply does not exist in terms of nutraceuticals like the worlds’ purest Creapure® Creatine, Clarinol® CLA, the worlds purest native whey isolate, the worlds No.1 Patented Albion® Minerals, the most potent forms of vitamins like DeltaGold®, enteric coated LAB2PRO® friendly bacteria and the list goes on and on. Each and every supplement we make is made with utter precision, weighed to the last mg, with full traceability of each and every ingredient and fully guaranteed.

But we go further still to ensure you get only the best

At Reflex Nutrition we only use a handful of highly trusted dairy partners in Europe, we’ve worked with them from very early on. Our partnership with these companies is the direct result of their individual commitment to manufacturing something unique that offers our Reflex customers products that are simply better in terms of quality, nutritional value and innovation. Reflex Nutrition is transparent with that regard and we are one of a handful of sports nutrition companies in the world to divulge where we source our whey protein from. We are very proud to provide this information because we’ve plenty of very good things to say about our dairy partners;

Our partnership with Irish Dairies

Reflex Nutrition have enjoyed a highly successful relationship for close to two decades with regards to supply and formulation of whey protein powders derived from cheese production, giving consumers whey protein products that are absolute world class. We choose Irish dairies for two main reasons;

  • Based in Southern Ireland which has the longest grass growing season in the world (it’s not New Zealand like many think), as a result the milk sourced for whey production is all derived from grass fed cattle year round, which means better, all milk year round. There’s nowhere better and this where we source the vast majority of our whey.
  • Reflex Nutrition source a number of different whey proteins from Ireland which provide unique performance characteristics. In addition, each their products meets exacting quality control standards 365 days a year.


Specific Whey Protein Ingredients


Ultra Filtered Whey Protein Concentrate 80% Protein

This is a whey protein concentrate it has been made using a very clever ultra filtration process which removes excess fat and sugar, which result in a whey protein with 80 % protein, in addition it has been instantised for easy mixing. As far as whey protein concentrates go we believe this to be one of the best available in the world, especially so when you consider that the milk used comes from grass fed cattle, all year round. We’ve used it for over 15 years and it’s the main ingredient in our 100% Whey Protein product, a main ingredient in our best-selling Instant Whey PRO reflex and a main ingredient in our weight gainers plus various other protein powders.

Cross Flow Micro Filtered Whey Protein Isolate 90% protein

A high tech whey protein isolate made using cross flow micro filtration to further remove fat, sugar and denatured proteins to result in a very pure whey protein powder with a protein content of 90%. Again this is one of the world’s best whey protein isolates made, again coming from grass fed milk. The very high protein content allows us to really boost the protein content of some products, for example we use whey protein isolate in Instant Whey PRO to help achieve an industry high of 80% protein for the finished flavoured product. The ultimate product is Micro Whey where the only ingredients are whey isolates and native whey isolates which come together to deliver a finished flavoured instant mixing whey isolate with 88% protein with virtually no fat or sugars. In addition we use it throughout the Reflex Nutrition range of protein powders to help boost protein content.

Hydrolysed Whey Protein 80% protein

This is a whey protein that has been pre digested using enzymes to help speed up the absorption of protein. The process results in a protein rich in tri and di peptides which are absorbed extremely quickly by the body. Reflex Nutrition has been using this technology since 1997 and we use hydrolysed whey protein throughout the range. Growth Matrix is our post-workout recovery shake where the only source of whey protein is hydrolysed whey protein, the composition of Growth Matrix is so special that it has earned powerful reputation for delivering exactly what bodybuilders and fitness fanatics expect, which are results.

“If you are using milk from grass fed cattle to make whey protein and that dairy is based in Ireland, which factually has the longest grass growing season in the world, you end up with something special, very special. That’s what we use” – James Phillips MD

Our Partnership with French Dairies

Our French partners specialises in making native whey. This is the purest form of whey protein in the world because it is extracted directly from fresh milk in its native form at low temperature, hence the name native whey protein. The milk that is used is much the same as the milk from Ireland, it comes from cattle that are grass fed all year round. We use native whey protein throughout the Reflex Nutrition range because native whey provides nutritional characteristics that are absent from normal whey proteins (namely higher levels of cystine and L-leucine). In addition native whey has a cleaner taste so it helps us to make our whey protein products taste even better, the only downside is the fact that it does cost more. We feel it’s worth it and therefore subsidise our whey protein products to ensure you the consumer can benefit from its use. You will find native whey protein in a number of products including 100% Native Whey, Instant Whey PRO, Micro Whey, 3D Protein and in smaller amounts in our weight gainers and all in one bodybuilding supplements.

The Final Piece of the Puzzle – Full 3rd Party Verification to Prove our Claims, ISO9001 Quality Control, Informed Sport Registered Manufacturing Facility & Full Money Back Guarantee

In an industry where the majority of brands fail to support their claims for protein content, Reflex Nutrition go not one step, but two steps further to prove beyond any shadow of doubt that our range of protein powders meet or exceed their industry leading protein contents. We are one of the only companies in the entire to world to do this.

First we test in house using the facilities in our state of the art Research and Development Laboratory. The test is an ISO17025 accredited procedure for analysing protein content, each and every protein powder we manufacture is tested using this procedure to ensure that it meets it label claim. In addition each protein powder undergoes full 3rd Party Group II analysis to ensure that the product meets all nutritional claims for protein, carbohydrate, fibre and fat content.

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