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Some of you may have read my recent article on the importance of Magnesium for the athlete, if you have not read the article and you enjoy your sport I suggest you read it. The form of Magnesium we favour at Reflex is Albion® Magnesium Bisglycinate, and this is the key we use Albion® as our main supplier for minerals. There is a very good reason for this and it directly affects the way our products work. They are probably the most bioavailable forms of minerals in the world.

First up, who are Albion Minerals?

Albion® Minerals are the world leaders and innovator in mineral amino acid chelate technology.

Albion® Minerals are the leaders in the field of developing high quality amino acid chelated minerals; they have been doing so for a long time too. In fact since 1956, that is over half a century of know how. Albion® have been manufacturing high bioavailable amino acid chelates with a unrelenting pursuit of understanding minerals functions but also proving the effectiveness of amino acid chelates through 3rd party research and clinical studies. That is something we like here at Reflex Nutrition, it’s that type of dedication that made partnering with Albion such an easy decision. We are dedicated to providing the best of the best and we’re therefore very happy that Albion® has joined our very extensive portfolio of superior ingredient suppliers.

Understanding What Your Body Needs

If you are using a multivitamin grab it and check the info panel. It will contain the normal minerals like magnesium, zinc, iron and copper. Now, you almost certainly bought the multivitamin to help safeguard any deficiencies in your diet because of the great importance of minerals to our health.

The trouble is when minerals are in their inorganic form they are poorly absorbed. The vast majority of supplements contain minerals that the human digestive system will quickly convert in to inorganic forms of minerals. This is simple scientific fact and makes forms like Magnesium Oxide very difficult absorb with a very poor uptake of just 4%.

The human body has evolved to absorb minerals that are naturally chelated when found in whole foods from meats and vegetables. It therefore makes absolute sound scientific sense to make minerals that are chelated in a similar way to minerals found naturally in whole foods. This is what Albion® Minerals are so good at; in fact they are so good at that they have been awarded over 100 patents for their amazing manufacturing processes and uses for minerals throughout the world.

Take a look at these key points regarding the Albion® process;

  • CAS registered
  • Hypoallergenic
  • vegetarian friendly
  • nutritionally functional
  • of ultimate glycine: mineral molar ratio
  • BSE free
  • Non_GMO
  • pharmaceutically pure
  • chemically validated (FTIR finger printed)
  • clinically researched

The following video explains in detail the advantages of chelated minerals when compared cheap basic forms like magnesium oxide.

When you consider the considerable, measurable, advantages that Albion® Chelated Minerals provide over bog standard minerals it should come as no surprise to here that Reflex Nutrition use them almost exclusively through ought the entire Reflex range from market leading multivitamin products like Nexgen® PRO through to new formulated all-in-one bodybuilding supplement One Stop® Xtreme.

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